About us

QRSL is an adult’s league from the ages of 18 and up. Our league, QRSL, was started by friends who love playing and from that agreed to want to offer this same friendly and recreational game to all who want to continue to exercise and have fun. The 2 owners, Gennaro Varrecchione and Sandro Scarapicchia have been playing soccer for many years and have participated in many fund raisers including for the DBYLC. They both have been playing soccer since his youth and have always been implicated as a coaches, technical directors and league organisers.
It’s with this attitude that players, 18 years old and over, have joined in big numbers to continue their passion for the sport.  We have regrouped parents who follow their kids and still have the itch to play.  There are players of different calibers who adapt and respect the weaknesses and strengths of others.  Word of mouth brought together coaches of other soccer clubs, friends, cousins and all sorts of family members of all sorts of nationalities.
We strive ourselves in presenting a soccer product that is low-cost, professional and family-oriented. We have a recreation philosophy that is based on skills and competition in an environment that is fun, respectful and structured. We have a zero tolerance policy on inappropriate behaviour and actions. Our goal quite simply, is to play soccer without the anxiety of unsportsmanlike conduct and deliberate risk of injury.
We hope the QRSL experience for you and your players is enjoyable and competitive in spirit. Rest assured that the QRSL leadership team has your best interests at heart and welcomes any constructive comments and suggestions to improve the game play and integrity of our league.