Rules and Guidelines                                                                        

  • Player rules
  • Game rules
  • Discipline rules and Reflection
  • QRSL Suspension Guide




All FIFA rules will be followed with the exceptions noted below.

All players are responsible to be familiar and to abide by the rules here within which can be referred to on QRSL.CA


A – Players 

  1. Each game is played with 7 players per side, including goalie.
  2. The minimum players required to start a game is 5, including a goalie.
  3. Game registration;

3.1   Every player MUST register with the delegate prior to each game.  Even if a player is late, he must still advise the referee before playing and register at half time. It is the responsibility of the player to make sure that he is registered on the game sheet.

3.2   A player is allowed to play if he registers with the delegate and/or referee before the start of the second half. Any player arriving in the second half of play cannot participate in the game. (This is important for stats, insurance, control of illegal players and the overall organization of the league)

3.3   Any team using a non-registered player (illegal player) will automatically be awarded a 3-0 loss and will be reviewed for further sanctions. Sanctions will be given out to the player and the team. All sanctions will be established by the disciplinary committee. Players are responsible for knowing and keeping up to date with the rules as stipulated on the QRSL website.

  1. Team rosters will consist of a maximum of 18 contract signed players per session (winter or summer).
  2. Players must be 18 years old or older at the start of the session.  The league is not responsible for any player below the age of 18.
  3. Equipment – Player obligatory equipment consists of;

6.1   A team sweater with a number. Team sweaters are to be the same color as all other players in his team. A player WILL NOT be allowed to play with a different color jersey.  Teams will have the first three weeks of the season to obtain their jerseys.

6.2  Shorts

6.3   Shin pads

6.4   Socks that fully cover shin pads

6.5   Soccer shoes. Rubber cleated shoes are allowed. Metal cleated shoes are NOT allowed.

6.6   Removing all jewellery, watches, earrings, glasses etc.

  1. A player must play a minimum of five season games to be eligible to participate in his teams’ playoff games. Teams can register players during the first ten games of the season.


B – Game Rules

  1. Games consist of 2 halves of 28 minutes each. The second half begins at the end of the first half without any interval.
  2. Game times: Games will start on time. If both teams are ready, then the game can start earlier. The referee will start the “clock” at the scheduled time. If a team is not ready, the other team will be rewarded with a goal every 5 minutes. Before the 15-minute mark, the team is to have at least 5 players registered. After 15 minutes, the game is lost/won by default.  At that point, the players are welcomed to play a friendly game.
  3. Players are allowed to warm-up on the field starting 10 minutes prior to start. No one will be allowed on the field before then. We ask kindly that those players who are playing in the next game not be on the field warming up unless the organizers tell you. Your earlier presence on the field might become a distraction and/or safety hazard for those who are already playing or waiting to play.
  4. There are no offsides.
  5. All free kicks are as FIFA rules.
  6. A throw-in is awarded to restart the play when the ball goes out of bounds on the touch line.
  7. Substitutions;

14.1 Are as FIFA rules and can be made during a goal kick, kick-off, stoppage of play due to injury, at half time and at possession throw-ins. (No changes on the fly)

14.2 The referee is to be advised of all substitutions.

14.3 Substitutions can be made only in the designated areas.  NOTE: Should a player leave the field (injury or otherwise) anywhere else other than the substitution designated area, a substitute can NOT enter the field until the referee signals him in.

  1. Slide tackling towards and/or close to players and/or judged as a dangerous play to other players, will result in a foul.
  2. Games will be played at all times, rain or shine.  When possible, games will be rescheduled.
  3. Should a game be terminated past the 80% (44 total minutes) mark, the score is valid.
  4. The league will decide on any rescheduled games. A team can request to reschedule a game with the consent of the opposing team and the league. The request is to be made 7 days prior to the game.
  5. Penalty shots;

19.1 All penalty shots are taken from the penalty shot marker.

19.2 Goalie must start on his goal line until the ball moves forward.

19.3 Only players on the field at the time of infraction can take the shot.  All other players must be outside the penalty area and at a minimum distance of 10 yards from the ball.

  1. Mercy Rule – When a difference of 7 goals is attained, the mercy rule will apply, and game will be stopped. If the game is called, the teams have the option of continuing to play their allotted time, BUT PLAYERS WILL BE MIXED INTO A FRIENDLY GAME BETWEEN THOSE TWO TEAMS.
  2. Points will be allocated as follows; win=3pts, tie=1 pt, loss=0pts
  3. In the event that teams are tied for points in the standings, the tiebreaker will be decided as follows; most wins, most ties, most goal differential (+/-).
  4. To break a tie during a playoff game a full 5-minute overtime will be played. If still tied, a 5-minute sudden death will be played. If still tied, penalty shots will be awarded starting with 3 obligatory followed by 1 sudden death per team.


C – Discipline

The referees’ decision is final.  We are all playing for fun and as such should be fair and respectful with the referees’ decisions.  He also goes to work the next day.

  1. Cooling off penalty of 10 minutes may be requested by the referee as a warning before awarding a yellow card.
  2. Fines;

25.1 A 20$ fine will be served for every suspended game that a player receives due to being excluded from a game.

25.2 All fines are to be paid to the league BEFORE that team can play their next game.

25.3 A team will be fined 30$ for not having presented themselves to a game without having advised the league. A minimum of 8 hours is needed to advise the league in order to avoid the fine.

  1. Any, attempt to injure, reckless attitude or the inability to control your actions (words or behaviour) will be an automatic suspension of a multiple of games but more likely an automatic termination of the player from the league. See QRSL Suspension Guide.
  2. Any disciplinary measures will be handled by the disciplinary committee. Decisions will be transmitted to the team captain only.
  3. A referee can act on an advice from the league concerning an incident that he may not have seen.


The intent of this league is to get some exercise, enjoy some friendly competition and maybe make some new friends along the way.

This is not the world cup and we all have to go to work the next day.

Let’s play fair and respect ourselves and others.

We owe our opponents our best effort and let’s keep in mind that the referee is human too.

We all work the next day.

We all love the game of soccer.

We will not let a few individuals create an impression of our league that is not positive.

That would be a shame for all those players and teams that act responsibly and with class.


REMEMBER that this is your league too.

Every player has a say and can participate in keeping it clean by calming those around them.


All these protocols are to ensure the integrity of the league and the respect of its players.

Any and all inscription payments, deposits or fees made to QRSL are non-refundable under any circumstances including but not limited to, the voluntary or non-voluntary termination of a team or player. QRSL is not responsible for a team or player leaving during the season.

Thank you for understanding


D – QRSL Suspension Guide

In the ongoing effort to keep the league as friendly as possible, the committee has put together a list of sanctions that will be given out to the offenses called.

Receives a second warning in same game 1 to 3 games
Receives 4 warnings during a season 1 to 3 games
Denying the opposing team a goal or an obvious goal scoring opportunity by deliberately handling the ball (does not apply to the goalkeeper within his own penalty area) 1 to 3 games
Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the players goal by an offence punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick 1 to 3 games
Is guilty of serious foul play 2 to 5 games
Is guilty of an act of brutality: examples: violent push, arguing without real blow 1 to 3 games
Is guilty of an act of brutality: examples: any type of violent blow 3 to 5 games
Uses offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures 3 to 5 games
Spitting at an opponent or any other person 5 to 8 games


An excluded player commits a foul punishable by a warning when leaving the ground or near the grounds 1 to 3 extra games
An excluded player refusing to leave the vicinity of the playground and the technical area before or during the game 1 to 3 extra games
Instigating a fight 3 to 5 extra games
A player who deliberately hurts an opponent (blood or injured player who cannot return to play) 3 to 8 extra games
After being expelled, the player uses offensive and/or abusive words or gestures and / or coarse  language 3 to 8 extra games
A substitute enters the field and commits any of the fouls punishable by an exclusion     3 to5 extra games
Player / coach who is the instigator to withdraw his team from the field 5 to 8 extra games
Physical violence against an official   QRSL decision
A player leaves the bench to become a promoter or to participate in a fight 3 to 5 extra games
Any team that does not show up to play and doesn’t contact organizers 24 hours before the game 30.00$
Any repeat offense on serious fouls or severe behavior QRSL decision